TESTAMENT: Chris Hondros

Photographs and Text by Chris Hondros

Photo Editors: Alexandra Ciric, Francisco Bernasconi, Christina Piaia

Contributing Text Editors: Christina Larson, Preeti Aroon

April 8, 2014, PowerHouse Books

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late Pulitzer Prize-nominated Getty Images photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s — including Kosovo, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya. Hondros was killed April 20, 2011, while on assignment in Misurata, Libya.

Hondros was not just a front-line war photographer, but also a committed observer and witness. Evident in his writings, interspersed throughout the book, Hondros was determined to broaden our understanding of war and its consequences. Through his words and images, we witness a jubilant Liberian rebel fighter exalt during a firefight, a U.S. Marine remove Saddam Hussein’s portrait from an Iraqi classroom, American troops ride confidently in a thin-skinned unarmored Humvee during the first months of the Iraq war, “the probing eyes of an Afghan village boy,” and “rambunctious Iraqi schoolgirls enjoying their precious few years of relative freedom before aging into more restricted adulthoods.”

Getty Images’ proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to The Chris Hondros Fund, which endeavors to bring light to shared human experiences by supporting and protecting photojournalists.

Testament is a monumental act of love and dedication by Chris’s colleagues and friends … The words give you an insight into how he thought, a glimpse into why he was doing what he did.” – Todd Heisler, The New York Times  






















CHINESE CHARACTERS: Profiles of Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land

Editors: Angilee Shah, Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Contributing Authors: Alec Ash, James Carter, Leslie T. Chang, Xujun Eberlein, Harriet Evans, Anna Greenspan, Peter Hessler, Ian Johnson, Ananth Krishnan, Christina Larson, Michelle Dammon Loyalka, James Millward, Evan Osnos, Jeffrey Prescott, Megan Shank

September 28, 2012, University of California Press

Chinese Characters is a collection, as Pankaj Mishra writes in his foreword, “to herald a new golden age of journalism about a ceaselessly fascinating country.” Though China is currently in the global spotlight, few outside its borders have a feel for the tremendous diversity of the lives being led inside the country.

In this compelling anthology, some of the most talented and respected journalists and scholars writing about China today profile people who defy the stereotypes of this fast-changing country. These include an artist who copies classical paintings for export to tourist markets, a Taoist mystic, a crusading environmentalist, an entrepreneur hoping to strike it rich in the rental car business, and a maverick legal scholar. The immense variety dispels any lingering sense that China has a monolithic population. By bringing to life the exciting, saddening, humorous, confusing, and utterly ordinary stories of these people, these stories create a multi-faceted portrait of a remarkable country undergoing extraordinary transformations.

“A mosaic of engrossing portraits that allows the endless paradoxes of China to come alive in myriad enthralling ways. While the contributors obviously possess a depth professional and scholarly knowledge about China, what distinguishes their offerings here is vivid and evocative writing.” – Orville Schell, Asia Society